Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club

Yen Dung Resort and Golf Club is conveniently located in Tien Phong commune, Yen Dung district Bac Giang province. It is built on the majestic Nham Bien mountain range. The location “leaning against the hillside and facing the lake” is believed to bring wealth to the owner. Approximately 50 km north of Hanoi, about 50 minutes by car, Yen Dung Resort and Golf Club has become an attractive destination with the leading golf course and luxurious villa resort in Vietnam.

Yen Dung golf course has the total area of 183 hectares with 36 holes. It is implemented in two phases: Phase 1 includes 18 holes belonging to Hillside and Phase 2 includes 18 beleonging to Rock Valley.

To create an impressive golf course, Albanese & Lutzke Company – America’s leading golf course design and management company has brought a harmonious design with beautiful nature and detailed perfection. Details. Making the most of the natural hillside topography with the ingenious arrangement of bunkers and water hazards, architects have created a variety of fairways that bring different emotions to golfers. Each green and tee has different and unique vision.

Coming to Yen Dung Resort and Golf Club is coming to modern villa system in the heart of golf course. All details in the villa are designed simply but stylishly and modernly that still preserves the pristine tradition. The minimalism manifests itself consistently from the architectural form to the interior of the building. Each villa is truly a work of art of space and light, harmony between architecture and nature, a unique and creative feature.