Dong Tam Golf Course

Dong Tam Golf Course is located in Dong Tam commune, Lac Thuy district, Hoa Binh province, in the northern Vietnam. Dong Tam Golf course is about one hour drive from Hanoi.

Dong Tam Golf Resort is made up of 36 golf holes of international standard, surrounded by the beauty of Dong Tam lake and it’s incredibly scenic mountains. The first 18 holes was designed to follow the lake edge; taking advantage of some very special inlets and peninsular features. The third 9 holes is settled among spectacular scenery; a combination of towering cliffs and virgin forest. The overall result leaves you with the impression of marvelous natural landscapes and picturesque beauty.

Dong Tam will surprise and satisfy serious golfers and nature lovers alike. The final 9 holes resting in the picturesque valley will be open to the public and members alike.